Hidden Language, Percussion and Piano Music for the Martha Graham Technique


Hidden Language, Percussion and Piano Music for the Martha Graham Technique


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Percussion and piano music for a complete Martha Graham technique modern dance class.  29 tracks and a run time of 74 minutes.  Includes music for Floor Work, Standing Center and Coming Across the Floor.

Created with the invaluable assistance of Peggy Lyman Hayes, former principal dancer of the the Martha Graham Dance Company and current master teacher at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance.

Released, April, 2011

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Hidden Language

Floor Work

  1. Bounces, Breathings on Two

·       1m, 4c; 1m, 16c, 4m, 4c: 3x        

·       4m, 4c;1m, 2c

  2.  Breathings on Four

·       1m, 4c; 4m, 8c; 1m, 4c

  3. Seated Spirals

·       2 m, 3c; 12m, 6c: 2x

  4. Soles of Feet Together Contractions

·       1m, 3c; 11m, 6c

  5. Deep Stretches

·       1m, 4c; 12m, 8c

  6. Feet Coming Forward, Breathings on Three

·       1m, 4c; 4m, 8c; 1m, 4c; 8m, 4c

·       1m, 4c; 9m, 3c

  7. Long Leans

·       1m, 4c; 4m, 4c; 8m, 2c; 4m, 4c

  8. Turns Around the Back

·       1m, 4c; 17m, 4c; 1c

  9. Back Leg Extension

·       1m, 3c; 6m, 6c; 1m, 3c

  10.  Pleadings

·       1m, 4c; 4m, 2c; 4m, 3c; 6m, 4c: 2x

  11. Exercise on Six

·       1m, 2c; 12m, 2c


  Standing Center

  12. Plies

·       1m, 6c; 10m, 6c: 6x; 4m, 6c

  13. Brushes, Two Feel

·       1m, 4c; 64m, 2c

  14. Brushes, Four Feel

·       1m, 4c; 32m, 4c

  15. Straight Leg Brushes With a Cut

·       1m, 4c; 1m, 16c; 1m, 4c; 1m 16c;

1m, 4c; 2m, 8c; 2m, 4c; 2m, 2c; 1m, 8c; 1m, 4c: 2x

  16. Changes Around the Ankle in Nine Counts

·       1m, 4c; 8m, 9c; 1c

  17.  Adagio

·       1m, 4c; 32m, 4c

  18. Center Combination in Twelve Eight

·       1m, 4c; 32m, 4c

  19. Preparation for Jumps

·       1m, 4c; 16m, 4c

  20. Stationary Jumps

·       1m, 4c; 8m, 4c; 1m, 2c


Coming Across the Floor

  21. Slow Walks

·       1m, 4c; 32m, 4c


·       1m, 3c; 128m, 3c

  23. Triplets, Faster

·       2m, 3c; 128m, 3c

  24. Prances

·       1m, 4c; 128m, 4c

  25.  Prances, Faster

·       1m, 4c; 128m, 4c

  26. Sparkles

·       4m, 3c; 384m, 3c

  27. Step Draws 

·       1m, 4c; 128m, 4c

  28. Traveling Jumps

·       4m, 3c; 200m, 3c

  29. Traveling Jumps, Faster

·       4m, 3c; 200m, 3c


m= measure, c= counts, #x= number of times repeated

 The first grouping is always an introduction.

 Ex: 3. Seated Spirals

* 1m, 3c; 12m, 6c: 2x

 Intro: 1 measure of 3 counts

Exercise:  12 measures of 6 counts, two times

Note that the intro is never included in the repeats.