Brooklyn is Dead

This show was amazing. I know that word tends to get overused, but in this case it is appropriate.  

Firstly, I had low expectations for this, it's a pretty ambitious project. But...I could hear Bertha playing as I walked up to Brooklyn Bowl last nigt and it sounded so good. I knew before I even got inside that it was going to be a great night. 

Where to begin? The first smart move was that there was no "Jerry".  They managed to give the songs their own treatment while still being very much in the vibe of the Grateful Dead. And it was obvious that they put the time in rehearsal: tight arrangements, minimal chord gaffes, great jams. And rehearse they must have, as they started at 9 and wrapped it up around 1230 with one very short set break. That's a lot of material!

The jams were all interesting and engaging without turning wonky, too noodly or self-indulgent. The Birdsong jam in particular was fantastic. Their rendering of that tune in particular is one of the best I've ever heard. 

The song selection was spot-on too. They chose material that suited them and played to their Dark Star, no Terrapin. But yes!, China Cat-->Rider!

it takes something special to keep me out until 1230 on a school night and I would have stayed much later if they had kept playing.