Free Album Download!

For a limited time, any purchase from my Shop page (cd or downloads) will include a free download of Limbs' album Jeton. Listen to it in full at this link.  Limbs is my middle-eastern-based hand percussion duo that I play in with Mark Katsaounis.  I love the music and I think you will too.  I will send you a download code for the album upon notification of your order. 

Into the Woods

Lots of news, just haven't been writing about it because I've been in the woods, well, mountains, at Perry Mansfield in Steamboat Springs, CO having an amazing time playing, practicing and writing music...and enjoying the superb mountain biking on offer.  

Come see Limbs on Sept. 12th at Dixon Place and hear what I've been working on!



Quiet Times

It's the slow days for dance classes. . .that time of year I look forward to while simultaneously considering stressing out about. . .work is slow so my coffers aren't impressive but I am rich in time. . .which I tend to value more anyway.

Working on getting Limbs ready for PASIC. . .working with good friend and super-talented songwriter Matt Van Winkle on some tracks. . .finally writing some new material. . .all in all it feels pretty good, money be damned.

Got to play for one of my favorites today, Earl Mosley. . .here's a shot of me enjoying being in the studio. . .if only every class could be this good.

Kevin Sport.jpg